Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No itch here...

On February 22nd, Tony and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

We kept hearing about the so-called "7 year itch" and the issues that came along with seven years of marriage. To be honest, this was probably one of the more difficult years we've dealt with. We both voluntarily quit our jobs, moved from a home to a basement apartment, added another child and Tony started pursuing a graduate medical degree. The latter has brought about hours and hours of homework and hours and hours of Tony being away from us.

Despite the difficult life changes we have only grown closer as a couple and as a family.

I cannot believe it has already been 7 years and yet I honestly can't remember life before Tony...sometimes I can't even remember life before kids. Anyways, a lot has happened in 7 years. We've lived in 3 homes, we both graduated college, we added two beautiful daughters to our family and we have made so many memories along the way.

I am beyond grateful that Tony and I have each other.

Every other year we take turns planning a little anniversary getaway. It was Tony's turn this year and he didn't disappoint. He talked me into leaving the girls for two, that's right two, nights, and whisked me away to Vegas and Mesquite. Thankfully his wonderful mother agreed to babysit so I felt perfectly at ease. Thanks Kim!

Turns out my cousin Cortney and her husband Rodger were going to be in Vegas the same weekend so they invited us to stay with them for a night. We stayed at The Wynn Encore and let's just say it was pretty sweet. Probably one of the nicer hotels I've ever stayed in. Thanks Cort and Rodgie!

We took full advantage of being "childless" and walked up and down the entire strollers, no diaper bags. We went out to eat and actually had time to just talk. It was magical.

The bathroom had a vanity where I could powder my nose while watching t.v.
Cort and I were just kicking back.
Rodger was taking care of a little business...hey, someone had to pay for this sweet room.
Inside the Venetian.
We went to a killer sushi restaurant called RA. I highly recommend it.

We said goodbye to our friends and headed to Mesquite.
The weather could not have been any better for our round of golf at The Palms.

It was so nice to get away but it was also nice to get back to my girls.

Thank you baby for an amazing time.

I love you.