Monday, June 30, 2008

Over the weekend we...



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 60th Anniversary...

Today marks 60 years of marriage for my grandparents

Reed and Lela Rigby

To celebrate, my parents and my aunt Heather and uncle Stan, planned an open house on Saturday.  We spent the morning setting up at the Old Tabernacle in Kaysville.  Grandma's paintings, grandpa's war uniforms and family photos were on display along with her wedding gown and his tuxedo.  It was well attended and very good to see all of the people who love and support my grandparents.  

Being married 60 years is quite an accomplishment...heck, being alive long enough to be married 60 years is quite an accomplishment.  I love my grandparents so much and appreciate their love for me and my family.

Two for Tuesday...

Favorite thing this week:

My poppies

And when I say "week" I literally mean I only like them for the one and only week they are in bloom and then that corner of my yard goes back to being a weedy mess.
They start as these interesting little things...
And within a few days they look like these beauties...
I was trying to take a picture of Ind amongst them but she didn't like the grass, so then I held one up to her but all she was interested in was eating the stem.  But look at those suckers, they are as big as her head.
They really are beautiful, now I just need them to be weed-free.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The time has come...

After 4 ear infections, good ol' "doctor feel good" has decided our Indie Boo needs tubes in her ears.  Tony took her to the E.N.T. today and he concurred. 
So after July 1st Boozie should be ear infection free.  There are a few downsides: a. she can't get water in her ears and 2. she can't get water in her ears.  Tony said, "I don't think the doctor understands what that means to us."  This poor little fishy will just have to keep her head above the water this summer.  

A very small price to pay for good hearing.

P.S. Britnie, this is Indie eating the pork barbacoa.  She loved it almost as much as we did.

Happy 34th Anniversary...

Thank you for being the greatest example of true love

Friday, June 20, 2008

You know it's time to turn on the a/c...

when things start exploding from the heat.
Obviously Tony's shave gel couldn't handle it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Messy house=fun weekend...

We have decided that the messier our house is on Sunday, the more fun we've had over the weekend...
and this Sunday it was a mess.

Mandi, Jimmy and I had a golf lesson Friday night.  It was amazing, this tiny little lady basically revolutionized the game of golf as I know it.  Melanie Van Delden is the number one golf teaching professional in Utah and nice as pie to boot.  She changed the way I stand, the way I hold the club and the way I swing but I was hitting better then ever.  Let's just hope I can keep it up out on the course.
Afterwards we headed for Zupas.  I guess it has been in Provo for a while but just lately expanded to South Salt Lake.  Hopefully it will keep heading north because it was delicious.  Very Noodles/Rio-ish.
Ind was diggin' the fondue.
Thanks to Greg and Ashlee for discovering this amazing little number.  We put Indie in it and she immediately started doing this...
We went out the next day and bought one for her.  I have a feeling she is going to get a lot of use out of this puppy.

Saturday was our wards fourth annual Family Fun Run.  Our bishop is way into running (he was rockin' the Garmin) so everybody tries to beat him.  Indie was my running buddy, as Tony left us in the dust; neither of us beat the bishop but we had a lot of fun.
Saturday afternoon I headed to a baby shower for my friend Chelsea and her surprise guest...
Saturday night was spent at "The Hill."  My parents gave us season passes to Cherry Hill and now that it actually feels like summer around here we have been there non-stop.  Can you tell Chlo put her goggles on by herself?

Sunday was filled with homework, the U.S. Open and a bbq with my family.  That night I did my best "Adventures in Babysitting" cleaning and we were ready for the upcoming week.  

Needless to say the messy house was worth the fun.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Beckam...

Happy 1st Birthday Beck!
I cannot believe you are already one, this year has just flown by.
We hope you have a great day, you cute little bug.  We wish we were in California to play with you on the beach and at Disneyland.  We love you and miss you.

Beck and Ind the last time they were together back in May...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

Today at church, the lady speaking mentioned how she had driven by our house yesterday and had seen Tony mowing the lawn with Indie in the backpack.  She said, "now there's a good dad."  All I could do was cry...I couldn't agree more.  You always wonder what type of father your husband will be, and I knew Tony would be good but I had no idea he would be this good.  He has far exceeded my expectations.  I couldn't ask for a better husband, daddy, and friend.  
My dad is amazing.  I cannot think of anyone who serves others more than him.  If anyone has a project they need help with he is there to help and chances are he is an expert at whatever needs to be done.  He is a great dad and an awesome "crampa" (as Maddie would say.)   

I love you both! 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two MGKs and one card club...

Tonight I went to my cooking club and here are the meals I came home with:

Turkey Sandwich
Chicken and Dressing
Peach Glazed Slow Cooker Ribs
Broiled Tilapia Parmesan
BBQ Sloppy Joes
Ritz Cracker Chicken
Crockpot Apricot Chicken
Herb and Lemon Scented Tilapia
Raspberry Marinated Chicken
Quick Pasta with Peppers

Oh and here are the meals from last month, I forgot to post them:

Chicken Salad Pitas
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Chicken and Garlic Pizza
Baked Dijon Salmon
Cowboy BBQ
Gourmet Ravioli
Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Barbacoa Pork Sandwiches
Blue Bacon Cheeseburgers

If you are interested in the recipes click here or click the link under "What's on the menu" on my sidebar.

A few weeks ago I went to my card club and these are the cards I came home with...
The challenge was to make a generic card with our favorite animal on it.
These are so cute, I can't wait to use them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?...

After reading Allie's blog about funny shiz Beckett says we can't get that saying out of our heads.  But we're not thinkin' cartoons...  

The other night I came home from young womens and there it was, that little saying on a post-it note stuck to the door...
So of course we jumped in the car and headed to J.O.T.T. (Jakes Over The Top for the lay-person.)
Even Indie is down with a little cookies n' cream action.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A weekend in review...

After a stressful week of work for me (hence the lack of blogs) and due to the fact that Tony had to work 90% of the weekend and was on call for another 90% (doesn't quite add up you say, well that is because he was on-call for both X-Ray and C.T.  Anywho, he was at work a.l.o.t.  He even slept at the hospital two nights in a row...not as a patient.) I decided to head up to Coalville for a sleepover with my parents and Lydi.

My parents are members of Camperworld so during the summer they do quite a bit of type of camping though.  There is a pond to fish in, a river to tube down, trails to four-wheel, but then there is also a pool, a hot tub, showers, toilets, and running water.  Now we're talkin'.  Plus my parents have a sweet trailer so it really is pretty posh.  

There's just one catch...little Indie isn't sure if she likes being out of her own cribby.  We had a rough go a few weeks ago when we were camping and we thought it was because we were in a tent and it was a little chilly but even in the warm trailer she insisted on only sleeping for 6 hours and waking up every hour on the hour, I guess to keep me on my toes.  I finally brought her in bed with me and Lyd but that didn't really do the trick.  She kept shaking awake and punching me right in the face.
Here we are squished in our little bed.
Here's my dad rockin' the c-pap.
(Notice Lyd giving the thumbs up)

So when the weather turned out to be freezing (snow in the mountains...hello, what is with this weather) on Saturday and we weren't able to swim, I packed up and said adios to the family.

The highlight of my weekend was meeting this little guy...
John Hussey
My friend Chelsea went into labor 4 weeks early and this guy still weighed in at 6 pounds 7 ounces (that is only 11 ounces less than Ind and she was one week late.) and he was 19 inches long.  Can you imagine how big he would have been full term.  Chels had to push for 2 hours to get him out.  We are glad she did because he is as cute as a button.
Kevin, Chelsea and lil' Hussey (Tony made me write that Chels)

We did manage to find some down time on Sunday, the hospital Gods were smiling on us and Tony didn't get called in.  We enjoyed good food, family and a dip in the hot tub in mid June to warm us up.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Move over Jeff Corwin...

Last Sunday we were at Kim's house for dinner and she had opened the door about 3 inches to let in some air.  I was on the couch feeding the baby when I heard this fast fluttering of wings and I thought a dragonfly had flown in.  I looked up and saw a bird flying around.  I screamed and ran away, Indie barely hanging on.  Luckily I grabbed my camera in time to capture this...