Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carmel by the Sea...

Days One and Two...

For Tony's Spring Break we decided we wanted to go on a real vacation. We called my cousin Brooke and asked if we could come visit her and her family in their beautiful home in Carmel, California. She, being the sweetest person ever said yes, of course. So we packed up and headed to warmer weather.

On Saturday, March 20th we left for the halfway mark...Reno, Nevada. We were hoping to get out of our house by 10 a.m. but in our typical fashion didn't leave until 1:30 p.m. About an hour into the drive both the girls were whining so much Tony found these earplugs and tried to drown out the noise. We were wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.
Thank goodness for portable dvd players. What did people do on road trips without these puppies?!?

We arrived in Reno at about 9 p.m. The normal 5 or 6 hour trip turned into almost 8 hours for us with all the stops and breaks we had to take. So goes traveling with kids. We stayed at a nice little Courtyard Marriot Hotel far enough from downtown Reno that it wasn't ghetto.
Dad and the girls playing around.
Notice our smiling faces...had we known we were in for one of the top 5 worst nights we've ever had with Indie we would not have been smiling. Seriously, I'm not sure what happened but it was awful. Poor Tony wandered the halls of the hotel and drove around town with her so I could get some sleep. We literally debated turning around and heading for home, it was that bad. Luckily we decided to power through.
Edie's tub cribby was a lifesaver. Thankfully, she slept like a champ.
An early morning swim.
Could Eden's smile get any bigger?!? I mean, honestly, she is the cutest little bug ever.
Indie is in a sleep deprived haze.
Bathing beauties...
Five minutes after we got into the car Indie was dead asleep...you've got to sleep sometime right Ind?!?
After another long day of driving, stops and breaks we finally made it to Carmel, right in time for Sunday dinner. We spent the evening settling in and planning out the week.

More to come...